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Building Inspection Checklist

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Building inspection using the My Property Partner App-Lite from Mypropertypartner.global is critical to the proper up keep of a home. Using the MPPA-Lite DIY checklist can ensure all essential safety items are kept in good repair

Buying your own home is a great achievement and is a major milestone in your life. But don’t make the mistake that many people do, and think that once the house has been paid for and you move in, there’s nothing else to be done. Your home needs to be maintained, so that it functions as it is supposed to and lasts for a few generations.

Maintaining a property is not just about making sure that there are no leaks – it is a specialized job with clearly defined parameters that need to be kept in mind. The best way to go about this is by using a DIY building inspection application.

A lot of people think that building inspection checklists are a waste of time and presume that there are no leaks, the heating and air conditioning are working and the electrical connections are operational, everything is fine. Sadly, its not so. A glance at a proper DIY building inspection app will show how much more these is to looking after your property than this. Building inspection app will cover such issues as fungal and mould growth in areas of the home you may not normally access. Issues like wood rot, hidden seepage, and things that affect the structural integrity of the home will all be covered by a good DIY building inspection app like MPPA Lite.

You and your family go for regular check ups. Your car goes to the mechanic once in a while for a check up. These things are done not because there is something wrong, but to catch any problems that may be developing early so they can be fixed without too much fuss and expense. The same applies to regular property repairs and upkeep. You go to your doctor and mechanic because they know what they are doing. In the case of property repairs the only way you can be sure that you are covering everything, is to use a good DIY checklist for your building inspection. Using the MPPA Lite DIY checklist for your building inspection will ensure that critical areas of the home needing repairs that could affect your family’s safety are not overlooked.

A home is like a living organism and if it is not looked after the comfort of those living in it may be affected. A lack of proper repairs when needed will also affect the life of the home and its value. If you have not used a good DIY checklist to follow for the building inspection, you may find, when selling your home, that it’s value is much less than you expected because the new owners have so much work to do – things you neglected because you didn’t have a building inspection checklist to guide you.

Even if you get professionals to look after your home repairs, having a DIY checklist like MPPA Lite will enable you to be sure that the work is being done properly and within the building inspection guidelines

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