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There are a lot of things that you should be wary of as a tenant. From the state of the chimney to the presence of asbestos, there is a never ending list of things that you should be looking out for when carrying out a rental inspection.

If you already have the MPPA-Lite App (My Property Partner App) then you should be well aware of how great this tool is when you’re trying to conduct your own personal rental inspection. But you might be wondering how exactly you can get the most out of your download. So here is a handy list of the most important things to look out for in your rental inspection when using MPPA-Lite.

The Ultimate Rental Inspection Checklist

House Inspection Tip One: Foundation

If you reside in a slightly older home, then you probably know that the threat of foundation settling is extremely real. While it is common to have a bit of settling, if you are making your way into the Leaning Tower of Pisa territory, you should be worried.

Very worried.

The next time you carry out a house inspection using MPPA-Lite, be sure to act as your own inspection manager by looking out for any signs of horizontal or stepped cracks in the foundation, twisted window frames, cracked walls and if there is anything dubious, tell the landlord to call a foundation engineer to have a look.

House Inspection Tip Two: Chimney

If your rental property has a chimney, this is something you should definitely be taking note of during your rental inspection.

Be a savvy inspection manager and keep an eye out for the state of your chimney by checking the flue liners, the shape of the inside bricks and whether or not the smoke exits the chimney properly. You don’t want your chimney to become a hazard to you or the other residents living in the rental!

House Inspection Tip Three: Lead

Simply because it is no longer legal to use lead paint doesn’t mean that it can no longer be found hiding in the dark crevices in your home. So, when you conduct your next house inspection, be sure to call up a lead contractor if you noted down any potential concerns on your MPPA-Lite App.

You will not only be doing yourself a favour, but everyone within close proximity to you in your neighbourhood a massive favour too!

House Inspection Tip Four: Trees

When you act as your own inspection manager, sometimes you might be so busy inspecting the house, that you forget that all that luscious flora and fauna need inspecting too! So, the next time you carry out a house inspection, don’t just stick to the house!

Sure, you might love that beautiful oak tree out back, but if you notice that it’s leaves are growing extremely sparsely or something isn’t quite right, before you rush to build a tree-house for your kids on it, act as your own inspection manager and jot down what you see on your MPPA-Lite App.

It is best to do this sooner than later as taking care of a tree or removing a tree is actually really costly, so, if your otherwise beautiful, willowy tree seems in any way unhealthy, it is best to have it checked out.


Act as your own inspection manager from the get-go to ensure that you are the first person to notice any rising problems. Simply use the My Property Partner App on a regular basis and carry out a rental inspection before and during your rental agreement. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing a lot of highly unwanted unpleasantness.

For more information on the My Property Partner App go here.

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