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Fit-2-List Inspections

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

I've been talking to some of the leading realtors in my area who are using the My Property Partner Lite application to get some feedback from them and the different way they are using the app and how it is helping to maintain their market dominance

When we first developed the app, we thought realtors would benefit by using it to produce detailed reports that could be used as marketing tools throughout the sales process. In many cases this has proven to work well for them, however some innovative Realtors are using the app to produce what they call a "Fit-2-List" report!

They are using the app to produce a detailed report for the vendor to accurately document any defects, firstly so the vendor has a comprehensive checklist to follow and can repair the defects identified in the report before going to market, starting with this little annoying things like sticking doors, adjusting latches and catches, the little paint touch-ups, the dripping taps etc, and building up to the bigger items like the roof leak or those rotten window sills.

Then when the repairs are complete the Realtors are updating the first defect report to be the new "Fit-2-List" Report and using this as a selling tool to present to prospective buyers with the disclosure documents.

One app, two reports, faster sales, happy vendors and happy buyers without 'buyers remorse'. I guess as the App developer, examples like this we didn't consider all the possible multiple uses. I'm sure as we move forward more entrepreneurial Realtors will discover even more advantages to using the new MPPA-Lite App.

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