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How To Avoid Buying The Wrong Property Inspection App

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

So, you’re thinking about buying what you think is some great property inspection software, only to discover that the bargain you thought you bagged actually has some nasty hidden costs.

There are many options to consider when investing in property inspection apps and it is, therefore, prudent to do your homework so that you do not lose precious time and money in the long run.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed when shopping for your property inspection app. Watch out for these five pitfalls to avoid purchasing the wrong property inspection App:

Hidden costs

Many apps offer an attractive fee but fail to mention that the price is only a monthly subscription for one device. Apart from the ongoing cost. This is obviously not enough for most of us as many of us use phones and tablets, and this is where the added costs will come in. Be sure that you are clear beforehand that the fee is a once only purchase and includes the ability to load the app on multiple devices phones & tablets. The fee should also include access to an unlimited number of reports.

Incompatibility with all tablets and phones

The primary purpose of having a property inspection app is for its convenience. When choosing the right brand, check first to see if it works on your devices. Otherwise, you might find yourself needing to buy a new phone or tablet just to be compatible with the app.

No access to the cloud

The ability to save your reports on your device until you have a reliable internet connection is essential to any property inspection app. The best Apps have eliminated all the internet connection problems by developing a complete ‘In Device’ built in intelligence system so you can easily email or export reports when you do have connection. So look for the Apps that use this inbuilt Intelligence and don’t rely on internet connection to work.

No photo function

Property inspections are all about the detail. One of the best features now available in property inspection apps is the ability to capture and edit and integrate them within the report. Only choose apps that you can record photos with the comment or defect narrative and you’ll never miss the details.

No training videos

While property inspection apps are made for convenience, it is always nice to know that the company has provided training videos if you need them to quickly get up and running. Choose brands that offer training videos as a how-to guide to help you get started.

Property inspection software is an important investment in your real estate journey and so avoiding these common pitfalls will help you get ahead in your property inspections.

One company that has ticked all these boxes is My Property Partner P/L who have recently released a Lite version for easy use by everyone, and the fully featured Pro version aimed at the professional inspection market and includes a suite of inspections for builders, property managers, building inspectors, timber pest inspectors and asset managers.

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