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New Building Inspector App Offers Benefits For Multiple Users!

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Who can benefit by using the new building Inspector App. My Property Partner App - Lite.

MPPA-Lite is putting the control back in the hands of the ‘Home Owner' the ‘Home Buyer’ the ‘Landlord’ or the ‘Tenant’ to help save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Firstly to state the obvious after a brief look at it.

  1. It’s simple to use on any iPhone

  2. MPPA Lite has the famous and world first '5 Star Condition Rating' system to immediately show you how good your home really is

  3. All the answers are already there for you to select from, with over 2800 predetermined comments/descriptions already included - simply select from the drop-down lists of multiple choice answers for every Item throughout your home.

  4. MPPA Lite is written in plain English with no industry jargon making it so easy, It's child's play.

  5. MPPA Lite has up-to three integrated photos for every room and every Item, and any defects you find.

  6. MPPA Lite has a unique “Completeness Checker” so you don’t leave anything out.

  7. Using MPPA Lite to get an immediate result - generate, email and/or print your report as you complete the walk-through (as you walk out the front door and send it before you reach the street)

  8. Reuse the MPPA Lite over and over again, either update an existing report or start a new one, you can even do a report for a friend and sell them to report to make your money back.

MPPA Lite for Home Owners

No need to try and keep up with the Jones! Using MPPA Lite you can now prove how good your home really is 

  • Use MPPA Lite to find out. How does your home rate?

  • Use MPPA Lite to find out. How does your home compare to your neighbours 

  • Use MPPA Lite to find out, How does your home compare to your friends and relatives

  • The report can also be used to document a maintenance list for spring, summer, autumn and/or winter

MPPA Lite for Home Buyers

As a home buyer, you can use this new Building Inspector App to do initial inspections of potential properties you're interested in. The advantages of using MPPA Lite are 

1. MPPA Lite will help remove your rose coloured glasses and focus your attention on what really matters. All defects that need repairs

2. This building inspector app. will guide you through any home ‘area by area’ ‘room by room’ and ‘Item by Item’ in any order you walk through the property. (So it doesn’t matter where you start or finish your inspection)

3. With MPPA Lite you can easily and more importantly, accurately compare between the houses under consideration, and confirm how each one rates so you can make an informed choice before making your offer to purchase

4. MPPA Lite helps you make your decision using your head not your heart, using facts , not emotions to make a wise choice when buying real estate

My Property Partner App Lite for Tenants

  1. Anyone renting a property can use this building inspector app to conduct a thorough inspection and email the report to the Property Manager and/or Landlord at “Occupancy/move in” stage, and then again at “Vacancy/move out” stage to prove the property condition and help eliminate any Bond disputes

  2. Tenants can use MPPA Lite to update the report to accurately record, document and show evidence of any deterioration or damage to the Property Manager and/or Landlord as it happens

  3. With MPPA Lite Tenants can help protect their Bond using accurate photographic evidence and precise descriptions of any defects in real time and eliminate future bond disputes 

  4. Easily create new and maintain accurate reports for each property you have.

MPPA Lite for Landlords

Thousands of Landlords loose significant amounts of money at the end of tenancies due to disputes and the lack of evidence to support their case’s for damage and repairs.

  • Particularly useful for self managing Landlords, you can use MPPA Lite to conduct a thorough inspection and print or email the report to your tenant at “Occupancy” stage, and then again at “Vacancy” stage to prove the property condition and help eliminate Bond disputes

  • Also very useful to document and plan your maintenance schedule for the property

  • Using this building inspector app helps you keep accurate records of any property defects and time lines and can be easily updated during the mandatory periodic inspections. All this helps protect the Landlord in cases of vacancy’s and bond disputes.

  • MPPA Lite can easily be used for the “Occupancy” inspection at the beginning of the tenancy, then updated during each “Periodic” inspection throughout the tenancy and then again for the final “Vacancy” inspection to end the lease. 

  • MPPA Lite gives you indisputable photographic and documentary evidence throughout the life of the Tenancy.

  • Using this building inspector app you can easily differentiate between what is “fair wear and tear” or property damage caused by the tenant. Again strengthening your case to claim against a tenant.

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