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MPPA LITE -Your Property Partner

My Property Partner App or MPPA Lite is the world's fastest estate inspector app that will solve all your problems related to building inspections. It has caused a revolution in the world of real estate with a few simple touches. It is simple, feature-packed and effective. These features allow it to save time and costs quite easily. Thanks to its ease of use, MPPA Lite is the best app for Home Buyers, Homeowners, Property investors, tenants, landlords and real estate agents as well.

Gone are the days when property inspection meant boring and cumbersome paperwork. Thanks to the sleek and updated interface of MPPA Lite, you can create a property inspection report in no time. Thanks to its multitude of features you can create a complex and data-rich inspection report in no time. You can also add graphics and photographs to your reports to make it more interactive. What makes the whole deal sweeter is the fact that MPPA Lite is a completely standalone app- it does not require any network or connectivity which includes cloud, WiFi, data, etc. Thus you can carry and use it wherever and whenever you want.

As said earlier the app is extremely flexible and thus is suitable for all kinds of users. For instance, home users can use it to get an estimate of their desired property and can use the forecast to compare prices with the neighbors, friends, and family. You can also create a seasonal maintenance program using the app. The app is a boon for homeowners, home sellers, tenants and landlords as it allows you to understand the nature of the property that you own are interested in.

MPPA Lite will allow you to unlock the full potential of any property that you plan to buy, sell or rent. It will also help you to manage the property and thus serves as an excellent tool for every property owner out there. Pen and paper reports can never compete with MPPA Lite reports as the amount of data that you can input in the app is massive. You can add the interior details of any property including rooms, closets, etc. Similarly, you can also add information on the exterior of the property. It contains a variety of dwelling options to choose from.

Although the app has a multitude of features, it is not at all power and resource hungry. It is incredibly light and will not slow down your device. Although the app predominantly works offline, you can still save your reports online or on the cloud for future use of reference.

Currently, the app is available for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. So hurry up and download MPPA Lite right away.

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