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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

MPPA-Lite the new DIY Checklist For House Inspections – MyPropertyPartner.global

A DIY checklist for house inspection now available at mypropertypartner.global and is an absolute must for everyone purchasing property if you want to avoid buying costly problems and defects with your new property

The MPPA Lite checklist for house inspection is a great idea and convenient, you can find it easily at mypropertypartner.global. It’s simple and easy to use. When you’re deciding on a property to buy it’s a good idea to have this DIY checklist for house inspections with you in order to give the home a thorough assessment, it helps keep you focused on the job at hand so you’re no longer looking through those rose colored glasses

Many people would rather inspect a home themselves than go to the extra expense of having one done professionally. With this mobile app the DIY checklist mirrors a professional house inspection, you simply choose each comment from the multi choice drop-downs for every item inspected. You won’t need an inspector because the check sheet will tell you exactly what to look for. Start on the outside when you’re first inspecting a home. This will tell you the general condition of the property and how well it’s been maintained. This will give you valuable information about the inside of the home as well.

On the outside check the foundation with your DIY checklist. Go around looking for cracks, settling or shifting. If there is no foundation this may also cause a problems. Inspect the site drainage if there is a basement to make sure that it’s dry and in good condition. This will be a part of your checklist for house inspection that you will carry with you. Go into the basement and look for any cracks or structural problems on the floor or the walls.

Many areas will have some type of pest problem. It could be anything from honeybees to ants or termites. Inspect under the home for any signs of pest damage. Check outside for droppings from rodents and if you see them include a note on your checklist because it will be something to ask the homeowners about later. Inspect the roof for situations that may cause leaks later. Make sure you check the condition of the roofing and look for any dry rot or rust. Check to see whether it has gutters and that they are clear. Next, take your MPPA-Lite App inside the house to see what else you might find.

Once inside the house you can work your way through systematically room by room and item by item, your MPPA-Lite App will guide you through the entire house so you don’t miss anything. Check the condition of the walls and ceilings. Use the App comment and check for cracks or other signs that the foundation may have shifted. Check the walls for freshly painted areas because this could be a sign of mold or mildew if only certain spots are painted instead of the entire wall. Check for sagging especially in the ceiling because this can mean that there is water sitting between the roof and the ceiling which could mean a problem later.

Windows are another problem area where you need the pp to help record your inspection. The reason is because you want to make sure that you see everything needed around the windows. Sometimes there are cracked panes or dry rot on the window frames. This could mean that the house hasn't been maintained very well. Make sure that the windows open properly and that the seal around the windows are tight. Inspect the inside of the windows for water damage. If you have casement windows make sure that the hardware with the windows is working well.

Bathrooms are another problem are with many red flags to look for, its common knowledge that water causes the biggest problems in a home. Be sure to also check the plumbing throughout the house to make sure that all the outlets work correctly and no leaks. To be sure you do not miss anything and to help you stay organized by using MPPA-Lite.

When you’ve completed the inspection simply generate the report for a professional looking and comprehensive building inspection report that you can now use to negotiate a great price for your new home.

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