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New Full Disclosure Trend Results In Faster Home Sales

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

DIY Building Inspection App making marketing and selling homes easier and faster for both home owners and home buyers

The new MPPA-Lite app is being snapped up by astute home buyers, home owners and realtors alike as the swing towards full disclosure in property negotiations experiencing a surge in popularity both in the UK and North America We’re pleased to report strong sales in Canada and the USA leading the way and sales in Great Britain also experiencing dramatic growth. Industry experts tip Australia and New Zealand to follow the same trend.

This innovative yet simple to use application is fast becoming the new norm for home buyers and sellers alike to do their own inspections and saving hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Home owners are bucking the old ways of selling and providing potential buyers with a comprehensive report as part of their disclosure documentation.

Home buyers are using the application to conduct inspections during open homes and open to view visits, before finalizing their offer to buy.

Many astute Realtors are also using the application to provide a maintenance list, including photos to prospective buyers as a pro-active marketing tool

All users are reporting smoother and faster sales and when interviewed are praising the application for its simplicity and ease of use.

Many Realtors have recommended the professional version of the application to their property management departments also.

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