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New Professional App is Predicted to Change an Industry

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The MPPA Pro is the professional version of the new application by My Property Partner P/L, designed specifically for Building Inspectors, Property Managers, Insurance Assessors, Building and Asset Managers.

The Pro version includes much more flexibility and editing capabilities than the MPPA Lite version, and includes a suite of the most sort after professional reports in the real estate industry

These reports include; 1. The Structural report 2. The Building Defects reports, also know as Maintenance reports or Dilapidation reports 3. Rental Inspections reports for Property Management 4. Timber Pest Inspection reports 5. Special Purpose reports

With the inbuilt intelligence and complete flexibility already in this application, every operator/owner is free to customize any or every report with their own branding, comments and narratives, even adding or editing items, rooms, areas and report names.

As if being the worlds fastest building inspector app isn’t enough, the MPPA Pro building defects report also includes the worlds only ‘Five Star Condition Rating’. This is a very sophisticated mathematical algorithm that help new home owners better understand how good their home really is

My Property Partner P/L are experiencing a fast uptake of this app by professionals all over the world, again confirming the prediction this app is set to change an industry

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