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Landlords benefit by using My Property Partner - Lite (MPPA-Lite)

I won’t go too much into the details as to why carrying out a regular house inspection is necessary for your own financial and emotional sanity, but let’s just say, the faster you notice a problem with your property, the less headaches and heartaches it is going to cost you.

But, within this article, I will tell you exactly why you should be carrying out house inspections yourself and why acting as your own inspection manager to inspect real estate is beneficial for you.

So why should you be using MPPA-Lite (My Property Partner App) to carry out your house inspection and act as your own inspection manager? Well, asides from the fact that it is extremely easy to use, the ultimate on-the-go tool and very effective, these are some of the top reasons why you’ll be missing out if you don’t use MPPA-Lite today.

Using MPPA-Lite to Act as Your Own Inspection Manager Will…

Save You So Much Money

Imagine if you owned a two bedroom flat that you rented out for $300 a week. Your total rental income before tax will be $15,600. Let’s say hiring a professional building inspector will cost you up to $1600. This is already 10% of your pre taxed rental income! Imagine that!

Horrific isn’t it?

However, with an app like MPPA-Lite, you can act as your own inspection manager to carry out your own house inspection for a one-time fee of just $29.99! So, if keeping financially savvy and making sure that you keep as much of your rental income as possible is a priority for you as a landlord, MPPA-Lite is an excellent way to do just that.

It Will Save You So Much Time

If you just happened to be walking past your property and noticed something that didn’t look quite right, all you have to do is whip out your phone, take a snap and make a comment about it.

You no longer have to rely on hiring a building inspector to come over to your property and spend a couple of hours looking around and then wait for a week for a house inspection report to come through.

With the MPPA-Lite App, you will be able to act as your own building inspector and make your own report on-the-go whenever you need to!

After all, your time is just as important as a professional building inspector, so why should have to wait around for a report?

It is So Easy to Use

The entire layout of MPPA-Lite is designed so that even those of you that aren’t exactly the most tech-savvy people out there will be able to have a tool that doesn’t even require much thought or effort.

You can easily become your own inspection manager and carry out your own personal house inspection by using this simple and aesthetically designed app.

Simplicity has never felt so good!


Act as your own inspection manager from the get-go to ensure that you are the first person to notice any rising problems. Simply use the My Property Partner App on a regular basis and protect yourself from any unwanted problems. Begin saving yourself time, money and effort today by checking out the My Property Partner App here.

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