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Property Inspections Made Easy

Property inspection is a difficult and time-consuming process where you need to make numerous checklists and luge around dozens of documents. It is no wonder that a lot of people despise it. MPPA Lite is here to help you out with this boring task. MPPA Lite is a revolutionary app that can solve all your troubles related to property and real estate inspections. It is modern and minimalistic; however, it packs a punch and can prove to be a major asset for anyone who either owns a home or is interested in buying or selling it. Thus, MPPA Lite is a great app for homeowners, landlords, tenants, landowners, real estate agents, property managers, etc. It is the best real estate app available online.

MPPA Lite is a minimalistic app available on your phone or tablet devices that can help you discard the old methods of property inspections. You won’t need to carry dozens of papers, pencils and pens ever, MPPA Lite will handle everything with ease. MPPA Lite contains a variety of features that are necessary for property inspection; however thanks to its simple interface it is still easy to learn and easy to use. You can start inspecting as soon as you download the app. Thanks to its simplistic design this app is suitable for everyone including homeowners, landowners, tenants, landlords, etc. Anyone can use it to conduct a property inspection and find out the condition and rating of their property.

As said earlier, the app is easy to use. You can create various types of property reports featuring various details. You can add details regarding the interior aspects of the rooms or can add notes on the external features and facades. Another, highly useful feature of MPPA Lite is the ability to add images to the reports. This allows the reports to be interactive and useful. You can add images using the device Camera app or the Gallery app of your device.

Another factor that makes MPPA Lite a great app for real estate agents is that it is a completely standalone app. Normally nowadays almost all app require some network connectivity to function properly; however, MPPA Lite can work on its own. It does not require any connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data or cloud storage. All the reports created in the app are stored in your device and can be accessed at any time and anywhere. For users who do not want store reports on their devices can opt to store them on the cloud as well.

So, download MPPA Lite right away!

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