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MPPA Lite is helping Realtors’ Market themselves and their Listings

My Property Partner App - Lite just changed the way realtors are marketing their listings!

Are you putting out signs, posting ads online, handing out cards and doing open houses?

That’s fine, the only problem is, so is everyone else!

I’m here to tell you about the MPPA Lite app and how you can use it to separate yourself from the competition and stand out as the smart realtor with the “inside info” who saves clients time and money.

Imagine posting your listing on the MLS and including the fact that you have an up to date inspection report available to see at the buyer’s request.

Having the inspection report can give buyers confidence and make your listing stand out. It keeps everybody from wasting time, it says what you see is what you get.

MPPA Lite is a DIY real estate inspection app that will give anyone with a smartphone the ability to inspect real estate. The app is easy to use but very detailed. It guides you step by step through its checklist and lends you the eyes of a trained professional to spot problems and concerns others won’t see. It’s quick too, by the time you’ve snapped your last photo, walked out the door and hit send its built-in inspection manager will have already produced a fully documented professionally comparable inspection report complete with pictures and graded based on a top rating system.

Best part is that it only costs a one-time price of less than $40 and includes an unlimited amount of reports along with a comprehensive suite of training videos, ‘that I doubt you’ll ever need’. Imagine all the money you can save your clients while boosting your sales and reputation.

Realtors discover that by using the MPPA Lite app, not only are they able to do their own house or building inspection and use the reports as marketing tools for their listings, but they discover that they are marketing themselves too. As word of mouth spreads about the smart competent real estate agent who’s saving sellers and home buyers time and money by selling properties fast.

For realtors working with investors that specialize in buying foreclosed property and property at auction find MPPA Lite to be especially advantageous. MPPA Lite can allow realtors to provide their clients with an up to date inspection report on a property in foreclosure or being auctioned, giving them peace of mind at no cost.

MPPA Lite inspection reports can equip realtors with the information necessary to help investors negotiate with the banks and submit the right purchase price.

When foreclosures go to auction, bank owned property is sold “as is”, and while buying a house at auction can be very profitable for investors it can also be very risky. That’s why realtors using the MPPA Lite app are so valuable to investors, because they’re often the ones with the most recent up to date inspection report on the property and can provide investors with the necessary information, they need to keep from making a bad investment.

Selling with integrity and selling with honesty means the Realtors using MPPA Lite are seen as more knowledgeable by investors and gain their confidence because they know they’ve done the due diligence already and have the inspection report to prove it. If you’re a realtor and you’re looking for a better way to market your listings and services, get MPPA Lite and gain a reputation as the realtor that everyone wants to work with.

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