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Tenants Benefit Using MPPA-Lite

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Tenants Benefit From Using My Property Partner App for their Inspections

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, as they say, and that’s definitely true here as well. While it’s true that property management inspections protect the owners and property managers from unscrupulous tenants, it’s also true that using the My Property Partner App, the tenant can protect themselves from incompetent or unscrupulous (or even sincerely mistaken) owners and property managers.

Good tenants do their best to take care of a place, both because it is their home and because they want to get back bond or deposit when leaving. Since mistakes and misunderstandings do happen, good inspection records can help to protect tenants from having to pay for damages that were already there when they moved in.

Tenants use the MPPA - Lite app to accurately record the property condition when they move in. this is recorded and held on their phone. This can now be updated at any time during the tenancy when a problem arises. With a couple of clicks on the phone the defect is photographed and recorded, an updated report is generated in seconds and email to the either the Property Manager of the landlord or both for immediate action.

There's no more 'He said, She said, I left a message excuses any more. Creating an accurate and traceable paper trail throughout the history of the tenancy is a very powerful tool have on your side when negotiating to get your bond or deposit back if you're a tenant.

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