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The My Property Partner Story

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

My Property Partner Pty Ltd was specifically setup to develop and market building inspector apps, specifically the MPPA-Lite and the MPPA-Pro apps.

My name is Leon Cupit, a leading property inspector in Tasmania Australia and throughout the past 18 years as a master property inspector I'm always looking to improve and use technology to maintain an advantage in the market place.

When I started in the inspection business I only had basic paper checklists, then with the invention of PDA’s (personal digital assistants), I designed a Microsoft Excel document to produce a basic building defects report, this improved over time as the technologies improved and when tablet computers came on the scene I searched the world for reporting software that would do everything I needed. (I should point out now that I’m not at all tech savvy, I’m a builder by trade, I can’t spell very well, and I’m only a one finger typist)

I didn’t find the software I needed so I had no choice but to design it myself with the help of a local computer coding guru we came up with a software package that was both easy to use and with minimal typing. It worked so well that I could complete a full building defect report with photos on site, using just two thumbs – perfect for me.

Over the years we meticulously improved the package and functions, included all the answers in the software, photo integration and invented the world’s first, and at this point only, 5 Star Condition Rating system which is a complicated mathematical algorithm built into the back-end of the software.

Using this reporting software has been the catalyst to my inspection business dominating the industry. So much so that I developed a successful Franchise business around it, (2005 to 2012). Then from 2013 I developed the largest Property Inspection License Network in Australia with 40 licenses sold to date and growing.

This was proof and confirmation enough for me to take the next logical step and develop the App for other property professionals to also use and prosper.

It was during this development that I had one of those light bulb moments.

Why not develop a basic DIY version for home owners, home buyers, tenants, landlords and property investors can have it in the palm of their hand. So the MPPA-Lite version was born.

In my opinion the MPPA-Lite will be most successful as the market for it is so much more diversified. The App offers the user a DIY building inspection option and the resulting report substantially mirrors what you would expect from a professional, at a fraction of the price. It delivers immediate results and can be reused as many times as you like. It's so simple even my 11 year old grandson can use it.

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