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The Worlds Fastest Property Inspector App

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

My Property Partner App - Lite "The Worlds Fastest Real Estate Inspector App"

The latest real estate tool to hit our market is the worlds fastest property inspection App MPPA Lite. Meticulously designed by a veteran of the industry, but designed with with a twist, this App is ready to use by any home owner, home buyer, tenant or landlord and delivers immediate results in a comprehensive report that substantially mirrors a profession report you would expect to pay $500 - $700 for.

Property investors are using it to help them make critical decisions when comparing multiple homes, realtors are using it extensively for marketing purposes and initial 'Fit-2-List' inspections to record any repairs needed before going to market - then updating the report for use as a powerful marketing tool

Tenants are using it throughout the tenancy to update the landlord or the property manager of any repair needed and in doing so help protect their bond money on exiting the home. The photo integration and defect comments included make this App very easy for anyone to use.

You can get the App or less than $40 and use over and over again, no ongoing subscriptions, just the one payment and you have it for life. Works on any iPhone or ipad

As you would expect there is a fully customized professional version of the application, specifically designed for Property Managers, Timber Pest Inspectors, Building Inspectors and Asset Managers - MPPA Pro

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