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Smart tenants are using MPPA-Lite to help protect themselves

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just be vigilant about the major things. After all, everyone can see if there is a massive leak in your ceiling or if there is a huge crack on the wall.

But, if you want to protect your security deposit from being lost due to the smaller things, then you need to be aware of the following invisible things that can steal your bond away faster than you can blink!

Keep an eye out for the following things the next time you use the My Property Partner App and get the most out of your handy, easy-to-use and on-the-go building inspector!

Rental Inspection Tip #1: Termites and Other Pests

Sure, everybody can see mice and scream, but there are some other creepy crawlies and terrible pests such as termites that can come up during your rental inspection that you didn’t even know about!

When you inspect real estate, you need to be sure to keep an eye out in your rental property’s crawl space and check for any evidence of unwelcomed visitors in your beams. In addition, another thing you should be looking out for when you inspect real estate is for dry rot. Dry rot is wood disintegration occurs as a result of fungi infestation.

Nasty, right?

Rental Inspection Tip #2: Asbestos

If your home was built pre-1990’s, then there is a high chance that you have asbestos present in your building materials.

Not exactly the most pleasant thing to think about, but it’s true.

So, when you inspect real estate, be sure that you check out the thermal insulation in your basement, attic insulation and your window caulk. However, this only covers the tip of the iceberg. If you need professional help, definitely go and seek a professional building inspector to help you out!

Rental Inspection Tip #3: Roof

Staying aware of the condition of your roof is so important and it should always be part of your regime when you inspect real estate.

This is because if there are any damages to the roof, this can result in some other extremely serious problems later on regarding the property’s interior and exterior structure such as water damage.

Honestly, while roof damages aren’t uncommon, they can often go unnoticed – unless you are someone who loves to periodically climb onto your roof for star gazing!

Better find out earlier than later if any problems are beginning to arise, so, be sure to act as your own building inspector and use the My Property Partner App on a regular basis and carry out a rental inspection of your roof before and during your rental agreement. Otherwise, you may find yourself facing a lot of highly unwanted unpleasantness.

The MPPA app is extremely useful for the everyday renter to use. Affordable and extremely convenient, you can easily become your own building inspector by recording the issues surrounding your rental property from beginning to end via careful photo taking and comment recording of internal and external features of your rental property. Your completed reports can be easily emailed to your landlord or property manager to act on immediately.

For more information on the My Property Partner App go here.

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