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Three Most Common House Inspections Problems For Landlords

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It’s no easy business trying to rent out a home to tenants. Regardless of whether you are trying to lease your property as an Airbnb or have long term tenants, it is always vital to take care of your property and be aware of its state.

This is exactly why it is so helpful for landlords to have a tool like My Property Partner App (MPPA) to allow them to act as their own property management and help them keep track of the state of their home on a regular basis.

However, which issues are the most prevalent in a house inspection?

House Inspection Tip One: Mould

This one isn’t just for those hypochondriacs anymore. There have been countless studies on the health dangers surrounding moulds and if you are a real estate landlord, then you should know that the threat of mould is on the mind of every potential tenant.

So, the next time you act as your own property management, be sure to have a look over any history of water damage to the property and do a visual tour of the property. If you find and note down anything abnormal on your My Property Planner App, hire a good mould inspector to test for the presence of spores. Then get it treated quickly.

House Inspection Tip Two: HVAC System

Regardless of whether you opt to hire a professional building inspector or act as your own property management, a standard house inspection should involve checking out a home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

This is just one of the many popular things that potential tenants or future home buyers will be looking out for when they come across your property. So be sure that you regularly check the condition of your HVAC system to keep up with the maintenance of your property.

House Inspection Tip Three: Water Drainage

One of the biggest issues faced by landlords everywhere will always be the presence of water damage. However, water damage doesn’t just stop at the pool of water on the floor of your house, the resulting effects that come from water damage is endless – the worst being potential damage to the foundation.

Even though it can be pretty easy to spot external water damage and you can easily jot down your findings using your My Property Planner App, the water damage that occurs within the walls of your property is harder to detect. So, be proactive and act as your property management by checking out your gutters and spouts regularly because if they aren’t working, then this can cause problems to your foundation.


Acting as your own building inspector is not an easy task, so if you capture anything that seems a little bit questionable on your MPPA-Lite App, then be sure to hire a professional building inspector to take a look for you. This way, you will always remain on top of your house inspection and keep your property in tip-top shape.

For more information on the handy, on-the-go MPPA-Lite App that will let you act as your own personal building inspector, be sure to check it out!

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