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Why is My Property Partner–Lite Perfect For Every Home Owner.

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

First to state the obvious after a brief look at it.

1. It’s simple to use on any iPhone

2. MPPA-Lite has the famous and world first '5 Star Condition Rating' system to immediately show you how good your home really is

3. All the answers are already there for you to select from, with over 2800 predetermined comments/descriptions already included - simply select from the drop-down lists of multiple choice answers for every Item throughout your home.

4. MPPA-Lite is written in plain English with no industry jargon making it so easy, It's child's play.

5. MPPA-Lite has up-to three integrated photos for every room and every Item, and any defects you find.

6. MPPA-Lite has a unique “Completeness Checker” so you don’t leave anything out.

7. Using MPPA-Lite to get an immediate result - generate, email and/or print your report as you complete the walk-through (as you walk out the front door and send it before you reach the street)

8. Reuse the MPPA-Lite over and over again, either update an existing report or start a new one, you can even do a report for a friend and sell them to report to make your money back.

No need to try and keep up with the Jones! Using MPPA-Lite you can now prove how good your home really is

· Use MPPA-Lite to find out. How does your home rate?

We all know what a 5 Star Rating is, this app puts the tools in the palm of your hand so you can easily and quickly complete and generate your own report to show how your home rates

· Use MPPA-Lite to find out. How does your home compare to your neighbours

Once you’ve completed a report on your own, you can now offer to do the same for your neighbours, friends or relatives, it’s also a cheeky way to get your money back for the App.

· I’m tipping you're like me and have a home maintenance list too!

The problem is every time I complete one item on the list, someone puts another couple back on, or I uncover more things to do, I never seem to get to the end of that list before I can go fishing, or on a motorcycle ride with my mates. My Property Partner holds the key. Using the MPPA-Lite App to complete a definitive report so we can prioritise any repairs for maintenance to be completed during spring, summer, autumn and/or winter. The report can easily be updated each time you complete a job, and reward yourself with that fishing trip or bike ride.

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