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Why Landlords Love MPPA-Lite

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

MPPA-Lite For Landlords

My Property Partner App is the perfect tool for a landlord the record and keep track of the condition of their property throughout the tenancy.

Because the App is so easy to use and delivers immediate results, it makes sense for every landlord to capitalise on the cost savings gained by self-managing the property without the hassle of long inspection times and report writing by any other method.

The MPPA-Lite app is designed to be easily updated during ‘Periodic Inspections’ to keep an accurate and upto-date record of the property and any repairs needed.

Many landlords also encourage their tenants to also use this app to keep records and update the report to immediately record and email any damage or repairs needed in real time.

Thousands of Landlords also loose significant amounts of money at the end of tenancies due to disputes and the lack of evidence to support their arguments for damage and repairs.

Particularly useful for self-managing Landlords, you can use MPPA-Lite to conduct a thorough inspection and print or email the report to your tenant at “Occupancy” stage, and then again at “Vacancy” stage to prove the property condition and help eliminate Bond disputes

Also very useful to document and plan your maintenance and repairs schedule for the property throughout the tenancy

Using this building inspector app helps you keep accurate records of any property defects and time lines and can be easily updated during the mandatory periodic inspections. All this helps protect the Landlord in cases of vacancy’s and bond disputes.

If you want a more flexible reporting system you can upgrade to the Professional version, MPPA Pro.

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