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Your Property Inspection From The Palm Of Your Hand

If you have always dreaded property inspections and the work and time that goes into it, then your life is about to change for good. My Property Partner App Lite aka MPPA Lite is here to revolutionalize the world of real estate forever. A sleek, modern and highly sophisticated app, MPPA Lite will solve all your problems related to real estate and property inspection. Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, a tenant, an estate agent or a property dealer, MPPA Lite can cater for all your property needs quickly and efficiently. It is one of the best, most sot after property related apps available in the market.

MPPA Lite is a mobile-based property inspection app that promises to be better and far more efficient than regular pen and paper inspections. You don’t need to carry bulky forms and check-sheets and clip boards anymore; MPPA Lite contains everything that is required for a property inspection. But don’t worry, it is still extremely easy to use, and anyone can use it. It does not have a steep learning curve, and you can understand the basics of the app and property inspection in a couple of minutes. This ease of use allows even amateurs and regular users such as homeowners, landowners, tenants, landlords, etc. to conduct property inspections on their own. Private home inspections can save you a lot of money and time and can help you make an intelligent decision on the condition of your property. MPPA Lite can also help you compare property condition ratings with your friends, family, relatives, etc.

It is extremely easy to create a property inspection report on MPPA Lite. You can include a variety of details in the report to make it thorough and well documented. You can add interior details room by room and item by item and can also add all the exterior areas and details. Along with such details, it is possible to add images to the reports thus making them interactive, interesting and easy to understand. These images can be added using the device camera or from the Gallery as well.

What makes MPPA Lite the best app for real estate is that it is a standalone app. MPPA Lite does not require any sort of network connectivity including WiFi, Bluetooth, data plans, cloud storage, etc. Everything and every report will be saved on the device so that you can access them immediately even in remote areas. However, for the users who have continuous access to the Internet are provided with an option to use cloud storage.

MPPA Lite is, as the name suggests, extremely lightweight and will not take a lot of space on your device. It is neither power hungry nor resource hungry. This allows it to be used on older devices as well.

So, download MPPA Lite to your phone or tablet as soon as possible and start your inspections immediately.

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